Melanotan 2 Injections

Exposure of harmful rays of sun can lead to sun tan. The ultra violet rays of the sun can lead to dangerous skin diseases including cancer. The use of Melanotan 2 injections, spray and methods are use on test animals to protect from sunburns according to American Science Labs. Similarly, talks of the effects of Melanotan 2 and skin cancer. Staying too long in the sun can leading to tanning and burning of the skin looks unattractive. Melanotan 2 is an alternative for sun tanning and has seen to be protective from sun tan and other skin diseases including cancer in test animals. According to laboratory studies, a relationship between skin cancer and ultraviolet rays has been identified.

Melanoma is the medical term for skin cancer. It is said to be the most fatal form of cancer. It can be prevented by finding alternative methods to natural sun tanning. It has been scientifically proven that tanning treatments can triple the risk of cancer. Tanning beds increases the risk of Melanoma. Following sun tanning does not result in skin burning but also premature skin aging in lab animals. Use of Melanotan injections in research animals has less of premature aging of skin in comparison with sun tanning treatments.

Constant exposure to sun can lead to tan lines on the skin of the test animals. To prevent this unattractive look, researchers have tried using tanning sprays and lotions to one set of lab animals and Melanotan injections to another set. In the case of the latter, the sunless tanning injection spreads evenly in the body and promotes even tanning by removing tan lines and giving an even appearance to the skin.

The good news for researchers is that test animals that were administered sunless tanning treatments saw instant results. The desired skin tan color was achieved. There was no waiting time for the tan to develop in the animals. On the contrary in the case of tanning injections, the test animals had to wait for longer duration for the tan to develop. Though, the injection was used constantly for achieving more natural look when compared to sunless tanning products.

Over a period of time with regular use of sunless tanning treatments, the scars, blemishes and flaws in the skin were removed. The results produced on the test animals were satisfactory especially with Melanotan tanning injections. The animals did not experience any streaks in their skin and the results were natural. The reason being, the solution works similar to the hormones in the body of the animals. The solution promotes natural tanning as the solution spreads evenly in the skin of the animal.

Melanotan 2 works similar to Melanocyte inducing hormone. The production of darkening pigments are increased. Though, there were side effects seen in the use of Melanotan like loss of appetite, flushing, stomach cramps, nausea and fatigue. Sometime allergic reactions are also experience in test animals. The Melanotan 2 is an alternative to natural sun tanning options and is seen to mitigate risks of skin cancer in research animals.