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Ringworm which is also known as dermatophytosis or Tinea is a fungus which affects the skin. The word “ringworm” is an inappropriate word since fungus causes it and not by worms. It usually affects animals as well as humans. At the initial stages, the person affected by ringworms may find red patches in the skin and these spreads later to the entire body. It mostly affects areas like the scalp, beard, feet, groin, etc. is a treasure trove of information on ringworm infection and treatment options. For more info read on.

Identification Of Ringworm
The symptoms differ with different stages of the infection. When you are affected by the skin, you may go through the following:
· Red, scaly or aroused patches
· Patches forming swellings and oozing of blood
· Patches with boundaries that are swollen
If a person is affected by the dermatophytosis in their nail regions, the surface becomes denser, and the color starts to fade. Sometimes cracks may also appear on the surface. If infections appear in the scalp regions, the hair around that area will fall off resulting in bald patches.

Kinds Of Ringworm
Ringworms are characterized depending upon the part of the body which it affects.
· Ringworm of the scalp ( Tinea capitis): Initially, it seems to be small infections which may, later on, build up into itchy, scaly bald patches. Children are more prone to these kinds of diseases.
· Ringworm of the body ( Tinea corporis): They appear in patches and are commonly found to be “round ring” shaped.
· Jock itch ( Tinea cruris): It usually affects areas such as groins, inside the thighs and buttocks. Men and teenage boys are greatly affected by this disease.
· Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis): It commonly affects the foot regions of human beings. It is a contagious disease. It appears as red patches in the spaces between the toes of the legs. People who walk barefoot in areas where the infection can spread rapidly like locker rooms and swimming people are more prone to this disease.

Causes Of Ringworms
Three kinds of fungus cause ringworm. They are Trichophyton, Microsporum, and epidermophyton. These fungi may remain to be spores in the soil for long periods and when a person or an animal comes in direct contact with it, may get infected. It can also spread from contact with infected animals and humans. Among children, these infections may spread when they share items which are not clean and infected by these fungi.

Risk Factors
Anybody can develop and spread this disease. It is common in children and people who have pets. Both dogs and cats can develop this disease which they can extend to humans by a mere touch. The following are the symptoms of ringworms in pets:
· Bald hair in the skin is forming circular patches.
· Rough patches around the skin.
· Broken hair in the affected area.
· White pigmentations near the claws of the pets.
· Sharing items like hairbrush, unwashed clothes which are infected will cause more damage to the affected skin.

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